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Refrigerated - Expedite All

Perishable goods can’t wait… and they shouldn’t!

Customers need their deliveries fresh.

Whether it's food, produce, makeup, pharmaceuticals, or flowers, keeping them cool is key.
We ship a lot of temperature-sensitive goods. In fact, Expedite All has a coast-to-coast network of Reefer Vans and refrigerated trucks.
What really helps us ship your goods faster and cheaper, however, is our digital platform. It makes finding those carriers so much faster, easier, and more transparent.
No more guessing your reefer van’s arrival time. You’ll know exactly when to stage your shipment.


Simple and Straightforward. Here's How.


Request a Pickup.

We gather some basic information and find the right truck. Tell us when and where you need it picked up, and where it’s going. You can do this online, on your mobile device, or by phone.

Get the best deal

Carriers compete for your load, keeping prices low and response times fast. Reefer-equipped vehicles are harder to find than regular vehicles. But with a widespread network, you’re in the right place.

Have your Load picked up

Your load can be scheduled within minutes. Our digital process keeps the time from request to pickup short.

Track Online

We track all our carriers to keep you updated and help you plan your day. Location updates are posted every 2 hours.

Our reefer network is at your fingertips. Start by viewing our live truck map.

Find a Truck



Ship Fresh-Cut Flowers

Shipping flowers in a way that maximizes profit means effectively scheduling, shipping, and handling flowers. Expedite All has you covered.


Ship Cosmetics

Expedite All delivers cosmetics with care and experience. Benefit from our turnkey cosmetics shipping solutions.


Ship frozen foods

Sometimes, your goods need more than a refrigerator. You can come through for your customers with our frozen foods delivery capabilities.


You’ve delivered for your customers again.

You’ve saved money while tracking shipments. But, you’re already onto the next order, and the next after that! Expedite All is here to help you come through for your customers, so that the experience you provide never falls short.

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