New, nationwide on-demand service transforms expedite shipping from an "emergency" to an "everyday" transportation option

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Expedite All today announced the launch of a new, nationwide expedite transportation network that gives shippers on-demand access to more than 1,000 carriers offering over 5,000 expedite vehicles at rates up to 10% lower than traditional expedite. Expedite All is disrupting the expedite industry, leveraging proprietary Truck Map and Freight Rate Calculator technology and a network of trusted small vehicle carriers to offer shippers a new transportation option: short-, medium- and long-haul expedite services that can be utilized for routine shipping needs. Expedite All's fast-growing small vehicle network offers an effective transportation solution for virtually any shipper in any industry, from the first mile to the last mile.

"Due to the high cost, shippers use traditional expedite only when they have to, and mainly for relatively short distances," said Alex Winston, president of Expedite All. "The new Expedite All model makes it faster, easier and less costly to utilize expedite services for everything from short- to long-haul shipments, essentially providing shippers with a new transport mode that adds flexibility to their everyday transportation mix."

Exclusive transportation service often means placing a load as small as one pallet on a dedicated 53-foot semi trailer, which is inefficient and environmentally unfriendly," continued Winston. "That pallet could be loaded onto a small vehicle, like a sprinter van, that is faster, costs less and offers a much more sustainable option for shippers. Sprinter vans are as much as two and a half times more fuel efficient than semi trucks, so they emit two and half times less CO2 into the atmosphere. By providing shippers with access to a large network of small vehicles, Expedite All is on the front lines of delivering greener, more efficient transportation solutions.

Expedite All offers immediate access to more than 5,000 expedite vehicles, including sprinter vans, cargo vans, straight trucks and box trucks across the continental U.S. On average, a standard sprinter van can carry up to three pallets, a box truck can carry up to seven and a straight truck can carry up to 14, representing an enormous amount of untapped capacity that Expedite All is making available to shippers. At launch, the size of the company's network rivals the available capacity of the largest existing expedite providers, with plans to grow.

Expedite All's map-based user interface provides shippers with real-time visibility to available vehicles, making finding and booking the right vehicle fast and easy. Expedite All's Freight Rate Calculator uses proprietary algorithms to allow shippers to quickly get an estimated rate quote without having to call and compare rates from multiple expedite providers. Shippers can track their shipments online from pickup to delivery and receive 24/7 dedicated phone support throughout their shipment's journey.

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