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Efficient Freight Movement in Congested Areas: Small Trucks as a Smart Solution

American Transportation Research Institute's (ATRI) congestion cost study uncovers the substantial impact of traffic congestion on the industry, with a shocking $94.6 billion financial effect. This is due to 1.27 billion hours of delays, equivalent to over 460,000 truck drivers being idle for a year...

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6 Proven Strategies for Reducing Shipping Costs

In this blog, we’ll delve into six tried-and-tested tactics to curb your shipping expenditure, from minimizing idle transport miles and efficient route planning to harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology...

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How to Choose Between LTL and STL Shipping

Making an informed decision between Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Small-Truckload (STL) shipping options presents a considerable challenge for businesses seeking to strike a harmonious balance between the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their supply chains. As the largest small truck network in the United States, offering STL services tailored for time-sensitive, fragile, or high-value shipments, we understand these complexities like nobody else in the shipping business...

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How to Implement a Successful Last-Mile Delivery Strategy

The final leg of delivery, known as last-mile delivery, assumes a critical role in shaping the customer experience, with the potential to either make or break it. Despite its brevity, it profoundly influences customer contentment and loyalty to a brand, making it a critical consideration for businesses...

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How to Reduce Shipping Costs Without Compromising Speed: A Comprehensive Guide

Delicate balancing between cost and speed of delivery when shipping 3-5 pallets of cargo is one of the biggest challenges in today's logistics. Traditionally, two primary methods have dominated the shipping industry: Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL). However, there is a better solution - Small Truck Load (STL), a revolutionary shipping method that provides a game-changing advantage, combining the fast speed of FTL with the lower shipping cost of LTL...

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The ABCs of Outbound Logistics

From the very moment a product rolls off the production line to its final destination at the customer's doorstep, every step on its journey refers to outbound logistics. Described as the process of managing and overseeing the movement of goods from a company's storage or production facilities to the end consumer, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring that products reach their final destination efficiently and effectively...

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The Risks Faced by a Solo Owner-Operator: The Benefits of Joining a Network

The U.S. transportation system is incredibly active, moving an average of 55.2 million tons of freight daily, valued at over $54.0 billion. This highlights the immense volume of goods transported daily and the significant value associated with these goods. Solo owner-operators play a vital, yet often underappreciated, role in this process...

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Understanding Last-Mile Delivery: Why It's Crucial and How Companies Optimize It

Last-mile delivery represents the shortest yet the most critical component of the modern supply chain. It is the final step of the product journey, from a distribution center to the customer's doorstep, which can make or break the customer experience.

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What is Reverse Logistics? The Process, Importance, and Real-world Examples

Efficient supply chain management, and reverse logistics as its integral part, is vital for businesses of all sizes and scopes striving for sustainability, cost-efficiency, and customer satisfaction. While traditional logistics primarily concerns efficiently moving products from manufacturers to consumers, reverse logistics focuses on the journey of products in the opposite direction – from consumers back to the manufacturer, seller, or distributor.

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Unexpected Sustainability Practice for Carbon Footprint Reduction

Adopting STL shipping services and utilizing smaller vehicles for transportation loads can bring significant environmental and cost advantages. Sprinters and box trucks are more fuel-efficient and emit fewer greenhouse gasses compared to their larger counterparts. Additionally, the streamlined process of STL shipping eliminates the need for multiple stops and transfers, further decreasing carbon emissions.

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How to Ship 3-5 Pallets Exclusively: The STL Solution

In the complex world of shipping and logistics, challenges like shipping three to five pallets of cargo exclusively are not uncommon. Small Truck Load (STL) emerges as the ideal solution, offering speed, security, and cost-effectiveness that traditional shipping methods, such as LTL and FTL, cannot match.

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How Do I Collect My Downtime Losses After an Accident that Wasn’t My Fault?

Knowledge of what to do before, during, and after an accident is key. Successful collection of lost profits involves a combination of preventive measures, proper documentation, and effective follow-up. Consider these ten steps...

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Logistical Solutions to Shipping Automotive Parts

If your business ships automotive parts with any regularity, you may have confronted some of the key challenges these products pose. Let's pull back the curtain on the world of auto parts shipping. Explore the main modes of shipping - LTL, FTL, and STL - and learn their tradeoffs, challenges, and limitations.

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Mastering the Art of Sensitive Cargo Transportation

The smooth operation of industries relies heavily on an efficient supply chain, where the ground transportation industry plays one of the pivotal roles. From raw materials sourced from farms and manufacturers to the final-mile delivery, ground transportation ensures the uninterrupted...

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What is a Small Truck Load (STL)?

The freight shipping industry currently splits semi-truck freight loads into two major freight sizing categories: Full Truckload (FTL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL). FTL deliveries describe freight that travels on its own, in a semi-truck, directly to the destination. LTL freight is batched together with other loads to be delivered economically.

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