Reflecting on our participation in the TIA 2024 Capital Ideas Conference! Join us as we recap this incredible event, highlighting the new trends, innovative ideas, and valuable experiences we gained from being a part of it.

“With over 80 of the industry's leading providers, numerous general and education sessions, learning lab breakouts, and networking events, TIA 2024 was one of the most important events of the year for everyone involved in freight and brokerage businesses.” - Max Drozhzhin, CEO of Expedite All.

TIA 2024 Takeaways

Industry Updates 

This year’s conference set new directions for industry development, focusing on AI use, technology, and fraud prevention. The tools provided by event members aimed to maximize operation efficiency by streamlining workflows and enhancing control over carriers and other parties involved in logistics chains through innovative applications. Integral to this process, Expedite All also shared its experience in this field by showing how and what tools and practices we have already implemented to streamline our operations.

“These few days in Phoenix have given us so many learning opportunities for further business growth and development. From official session events to informal outdoor communication, there was a nonstop flow of valuable information and knowledge from industry leaders. We are looking forward to the 2025 TIA Conference.” - Max Drozhzhin, CEO of Expedite All.


Every TIA Conference is an excellent opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. The 2024 event was no exception. It was all about strengthening and building connections and expanding operations. Whether you’re a business shark or a first-time participant, the TIA 2024 Conference was a great place to build strong relationships and keep up with the new trends and innovations in the field of logistics and brokerage.

“When people from different states who attended this event say "Oh, Expedite All, we know you, you’re doing great business!", it lets us understand that we’re on track making our company recognizable in the field!” - Max Drozhzhin, CEO of Expedite All.

Events and Initiatives

The TIA 2024 Conference’s itinerary was full each day, from the opening ceremony to the exhibition. A highlight was the award ceremony, where TIA honored achievements in the logistics industry. This year, in addition to logistics and other awards, they were proud to introduce the new Bill Tucker CTV scholarship award, celebrating significant contributions to the logistics field.

“The TIA Conference was a complete success! It was fantastic to finally meet many of our connections in person. We enjoyed spending time with both our existing partners and new contacts. We’re already looking forward to next year's conference.” - Max Drozhzhin, CEO of Expedite All.

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