The American logistics system is a colossal network of interconnected routes and transportation arteries full of challenges and logistics dilemmas. Among these hurdles lies the predicament confronting American shippers when their cargo exceeds the capacity of a standard semi-truck yet is too small and exorbitantly expensive to employ another full truck and too large to be consolidated as a Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipment. To find yourself caught in this logistical conundrum, step into the shoes of a shipper who has an urgent need to ship three to five pallets of goods.

The Challenge of Small Cargo That Cannot Be Consolidated

Shippers often find themselves in a challenging predicament when dealing with more cargo than can be efficiently consolidated into a standard trailer. Attempting to fit these items into a conventional truck can lead to a host of issues, including the following:

Risk of Damage

When cargo doesn't entirely fill a standard semi-trailer, it's more likely to shift during transit, increasing the chances of damage. This can result in costly losses for shippers, not only in terms of damaged goods but also in customer dissatisfaction and potential replacement costs.

Time Factor

Sending small quantities as LTL typically involves multiple stops and takes significantly more time. This isn't ideal for small businesses that require swift and efficient shipping to meet customer demands or production schedules. Time is money, and prolonged transit times often lead to nothing but lost opportunities and revenue.

Damage Caused by Increased Handling

With LTL shipments, cargo often needs to be transferred multiple times between different trucks and warehouses. Each time cargo is handled, there's a risk of occasional damage. More handling increases the chances of goods being bumped, dropped, or mishandled, which is a nightmare for every shipper concerned about the condition of their products upon arrival.

The need for a specialized solution becomes evident in situations like these. Shippers require a shipping method that offers both safety and speed for their cargo, especially when dealing with shipments that fall in the gap between LTL and FTL.

The STL Revolution

This is where Small Truck Load (STL) comes into play, representing a game-changing solution for shippers facing the challenge of shipping three to five pallets exclusively. STL is designed to provide the exclusive use of a smaller truck for shipments that exceed LTL but do not warrant the expense of an entire FTL. It provides the best of both worlds when it comes to small cargo shipping:

Exclusive Use

STL offers the peace of mind that comes with having your cargo travel in its dedicated vehicle. This means no space sharing with other shipments, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring greater control over your shipment's safety.


Time is money. STL eliminates the delays associated with LTL, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination on time. When your business relies on just-in-time inventory or meeting tight production schedules, STL becomes an invaluable asset.


With exclusive vehicle use and minimum handling, STL offers a higher level of security for your cargo. These minimized chances of damage or loss during transit not only protect your investment but also uphold your brand's reputation for delivering quality products.

STL strikes a perfect balance between the cost efficiency of LTL and the exclusivity of FTL. Unlike LTL, which typically uses the shared space of a standard semi-trailer to deliver your cargo to its destination, STL exclusively employs smaller vehicles like cargo vans and box trucks to do the job.

STL is a true game-changer, offering a level of flexibility and efficiency that traditional shipping methods simply cannot match when dealing with cargo that doesn't fit neatly into conventional shipping categories.


Partnering with Expedite All - Your Win-Win STL Solution

To harness the benefits of STL, shippers can turn to Expedite All, America's largest small truck network. Expedite All stands out as the ideal partner for STL shipments, offering a level of expertise and reliability that is hard to match.


With years of experience in small truck logistics, Expedite All speaks customer language both literally and figuratively. It understands the unique needs of shippers dealing with cargo that falls between LTL and FTL, addressing them with the utmost care and efficiency.


Expedite All has built a solid reputation for on-time deliveries and safety. When you choose Expedite All, you're choosing a partner that accepts no compromise on your cargo safety and security.

Extensive Network

Expedite All boasts an extensive network of small truck providers across the United States. This means your shipments are never stranded, and you can reach even the most remote locations with ease.

Seamless Booking

Booking an STL shipment with Expedite All is a breeze. Its user-friendly system simplifies the booking process, allowing you to get your cargo on the road quickly and effortlessly. If you need any support, its team of logistics experts is always ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

In the complex world of shipping and logistics, challenges like shipping three to five pallets of cargo exclusively are not uncommon. Small Truck Load (STL) emerges as the ideal solution, offering speed, security, and cost-effectiveness that traditional shipping methods, such as LTL and FTL, cannot match. Its higher speed and security compared to LTL and cost-effectiveness unmatched by traditional FTL are evident if partnering with a reputed STL provider like Expedite All. It doesn't let your cargo get lost in the shuffle of traditional shipping methods, offering peace of mind and the safety and efficiency your business deserves.

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