Let’s talk about small, high-value loads. A small, high value load may be a load that does not require a full 53-foot trailer to deliver, but may benefit from a dedicated vehicle. 

Whether it is due to time-sensitivity, handling concerns, security, or other considerations, a high-value load usually needs a little more care and attention than a regular delivery. A few examples may include:

  • Medicines & Pharmaceuticals 
  • Sensitive Electronics & Telecommunications 
  • Robotics and Mainframe Servers 
  • Apparel & Designer Brands 
  • Conveyor and Food Processor Systems 
  • Machinery, Engines & Turbines 
  • Furniture & Customized Home Furnishings 

Many would give you three options for shipping such a load: FTL (Full Truckload), PTL (Partial Truckload), and LTL (Less-than-truckload). Trucking companies will argue that going FTL and buying out a 53-foot trailer is the only way to go. However, Expedite All offers a fourth, tailor-made option that allows you to take advantage of a dedicated vehicle without some of the downsides. 

So, what criteria can you use to evaluate an FTL shipping option against Expedite All’s dedicated vehicle fleet? Let’s explore the relevant considerations. 

Size Requirements

What is the size and weight of your load? What makes sense in transporting this size of load? 

By using a 53-footer, you are incurring the full overhead of driver, gas, and maintenance of the entire truck for that trip. Using a full trailer for your load may be wasteful if your load is small enough to fit into a sprinter van, box truck, or straight truck. Expedite All offers all three options and more. 

Time Requirements 

Do you need this load to arrive by appointment? Are you flexible on your time requirement? Can you risk a delay?

Vans are nimble. Most FTL deliveries give you the option to set a delivery appointment, but large trucks are slower, speed-limited, and can be delayed for various reasons. Between weigh stations and the mere size of a 53-foot trailer in traffic, a dedicated tractor-trailer can face challenges being on time. Especially since, as we explore later, a driver will try to find ways to maximize utility of their trailer by consolidating loads.

An LTL shipment is even worse on this criteria, as your load often needs to be consolidated with other loads for delivery. This almost always results in a delay, and can often result in incorrect delivery, loss, or damage.

By using Expedite All, you will find not only savings in efficiency, but also time.


Is it cost-effective to hire a full truck for your load?

If you are only utilizing 12 feet of a 53-foot trailer, you are likely overpaying for your shipment. In many cases, you can save 20% in shipping cost by moving your load using Expedite All’s Sprinter Vans, Box Trucks, Hot Shots, or Straight Trucks.

Load Handling 

Does your load require special handling? Should it be transferred from one vehicle to another? Are you concerned about the chain of custody? What about load classification?

This may be the strongest reason to choose a dedicated vehicle for shipping your load: You want to avoid anyone looking at, touching, or moving your load between vehicles. You are looking to avoid mixing your load with other shipments, or otherwise having your load handled too much. Immediately, you know you cannot consider an LTL shipment. LTL shipments are notorious for mishandling. Shippers moving pharmaceuticals or robotics cannot risk mishandling of oftentimes delicate, awkward shipments. Sensitive electronics need not be in the hands of people who may or may not be properly instructed to handle them.

You might then consider hiring a dedicated 53-foot trailer. But, while a seal can be placed on the doors of a 53-foot truck, they can also be removed without your knowledge by simply unhinging the doors, which has been known to happen. And, with heightened gas prices, the incentive to add another load is strong.

Additionally, a carrier can be provided with a seal, but remove and reattach it until just prior to delivery.

Consider that Expedite All will arrange to receive your load, seal it, and only open the storage upon your instructions after arriving at your destination, and will do so on time. Your load will be delivered without interruption in a vehicle that is just the right size.

Practical Considerations 

Does it make sense to hire a full truck for your load? Does it merit the carbon footprint of an entire trailer? How about loading and unloading?

Expedite All provides compact delivery vehicles that are lighter and much easier to maneuver than large tractor-trailers. They can be much more fuel-efficient, especially in the case of a small load. And when it comes to the process of loading and unloading shipments, a van is easier to enter most business parks and office receiving bays. 

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